RAS 62.30

bending length: 3.200 mm
bending power: 2 mm

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  Model Spec. 1 Spec. 2 Year Price
TOOLPOWER VRS 125 2x125 mm 52 mm new € 110,- 0 roller stand 2 52 110
TOOLPOWER RS 350 350 mm 52 mm new € 95,- 0 roller stand 350 52 95
TOOLPOWER RT 1000 1000 mm 365 mm new € 240,- 0 roller table 1000 365 240
TOOLPOWER RTA 2000 2000 mm 360 mm new € 340,- 0 roller table 2000 360 340
TOOLPOWER RTA 3000 3000 mm 360 mm new € 490,- 0 roller table 3000 360 490
HESSE Exakt A Standard 3.000 3000 mm 350 mm new € 3.611,- 1 roller table 3000 350 3611
TOOLPOWER RT 3000 3000 mm 450 mm new € 680,- 0 roller table 3000 450 680
HESSE Exakt C Standard 3.000 3000 mm 350 mm new € 1.548,- 1 roller table 3000 350 1548
HESSE Exakt B/KF Standard 3.000 3000 mm 350 mm new € 2.773,- 1 roller table 3000 350 2773
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roller tables / roller stands
<a href="uploads/media/Technical_specifications_FU_185__v11_.pdf" target="_blank">Technical Specification und Layout Universal Milling Machine LAGUN FU 185</a>
<a href="uploads/media/Technical_specifications_FU_130_ACC__04_.pdf" target="_blank">Technical Specifications and Layout Universal Milling Machine LAGUN FU 130</a>
<a href="uploads/media/Technical_specifications_FU_152_ACC__04_.pdf" target="_blank">Technical Specifications and Layout Universal Milling Machine LAGUN FU 152</a>
<a href="uploads/media/fresadoras_-_milling_machines_new.pdf" target="_blank">Conventional Milling Machines LAGUN</a>

Conventional Milling Machines LAGUN

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/FSG-20_24ADIV_EN_20200305_R2_web.pdf" target="_blank">Flachschleifmaschinen CHEVALIER FSG-20/24 Serie</a>
<a href="uploads/media/GEKA_Plasma_ENG.pdf" target="_blank">Geka Plasma GCS-P Series</a>

Geka Plasma GCS-P Series

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/HESSE_by_DURMA_Laserkatalog_2020_englisch.pdf" target="_blank">HESSE by DURMA Fiberlaser</a>

HESSE by DURMA Fiberlaser

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/Hesse_by_Durma_HD_TC_English.pdf" target="_blank">HESSE by DURMA section and tube laser cutting machine</a>
<a href="uploads/media/Durma_PLC_Plasmaanlagen_EN.pdf" target="_blank">HESSE by DURMA CNC plasma cutting machines</a>
<a href="uploads/media/TCI_Cutting_Company.pdf" target="_blank">TCI Overview</a>

TCI Overview

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/TCI_waterjet_cutting_machines.pdf" target="_blank">TCI waterjet cutting machines</a>

TCI waterjet cutting machines

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/TCI_Cutting_-_BP-C_-_DE_01.pdf" target="_blank">waterjet cutting machine TCI BP-C</a>

waterjet cutting machine TCI BP-C

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/Libellula_Wizard_Katalog_HP.pdf" target="_blank">Libellula.WIZARD</a>


Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/Hesse_by_Durma_TP_RP_English.pdf" target="_blank">HESSE by DURMA CNC punching machines</a>

HESSE by DURMA CNC punching machines

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/HESSE_by_DURMA_AD-S_2020_englisch_01.pdf" target="_blank">hydraulic CNC press brakes HESSE by DURMA AD-S</a>

hydraulic CNC press brakes HESSE by DURMA AD-S

Category: Sub Category:

Flexibility, quality, productivity and safety…united in the HESSE CNC press brakes.

<a href="uploads/media/Durma_AD-Servo_ENGLISH.pdf" target="_blank">HESSE by DURMA press brakes AD-Servo</a>

HESSE by DURMA press brakes AD-Servo

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/ADR_ENG.pdf" target="_blank">hydraulic CNC press brakes HESSE by DURMA AD-R</a>

hydraulic CNC press brakes HESSE by DURMA AD-R

Category: Sub Category:

Flexibility, quality, productivity and safety…united in the HESSE CNC press brakes.

<a href="uploads/media/Hesse_by_Durma_PBF_English.pdf" target="_blank">hydraulic CNC press brakes HESSE by DURMA PBF</a>

hydraulic CNC press brakes HESSE by DURMA PBF

Category: Sub Category:

Flexibility, quality, productivity and safety…united in the HESSE CNC press brakes.

<a href="uploads/media/AD-ES_DE_Katalog.pdf" target="_blank">Electric CNC press brakes HESSE by DURMA AD-ES</a>
<a href="uploads/media/Hesse_by_JHL_03.pdf" target="_blank">HESSE by JHL Abkantpressen</a>

HESSE by JHL Abkantpressen

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/urunKatalog-pb-panel-bender-en-43.pdf" target="_blank">HESSE by DURMA bending center</a>

HESSE by DURMA bending center

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/Hesse_EURAM_Werkzeugkatalog_lr_01.pdf" target="_blank">press brake tools EURAM</a>

press brake tools EURAM

Category: Sub Category:

upper-, lower-, hamming-, embossing tools and tool clampings system Amada-Promecam as well as tools system WILA!

<a href="uploads/media/WILA_2018_EN.pdf" target="_blank">press brake tools WILA</a>

press brake tools WILA

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/Cybelec_ModEva_15T_01.pdf" target="_blank">Cybelec ModEva 15 T</a>

Cybelec ModEva 15 T

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/Fiessler_Akas_01.pdf" target="_blank">Fiessler Laser safety devices</a>

Fiessler Laser safety devices

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/Hesse_by_Durma_VS_English.pdf" target="_blank">hydraulic CNC guillotine shears HESSE by DURMA VS</a>

hydraulic CNC guillotine shears HESSE by DURMA VS

Category: Sub Category:

CNC controlled heavy production machines for flexible use in cutting thin and thick materials

<a href="uploads/media/Hesse_by_Durma_SBT_English.pdf" target="_blank">hydraulic swing beam guillotine shears HESSE by DURMA SBT</a>

hydraulic swing beam guillotine shears HESSE by DURMA SBT

Category: Sub Category:

Heavy production machines for demanding use.

<a href="uploads/media/Hesse_by_Durma_MS_English.pdf" target="_blank">mechanical guillotine shears HESSE by DURMA MS</a>

mechanical guillotine shears HESSE by DURMA MS

Category: Sub Category:

The fast mechanical machine

<a href="uploads/media/CAT_GECAM_2019_ENG.pdf" target="_blank">Entgratmaschinen GECAM</a>

Entgratmaschinen GECAM

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/CAT_GECAM_BOX_ENGTED.pdf" target="_blank">welding and grinding for metal boxes GECAM</a>
<a href="uploads/media/Eurofintec_eng_deu.pdf" target="_blank">grinding machines GECAM</a>

grinding machines GECAM

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/CAT_GECAM_SPECIAL.pdf" target="_blank">special machines GECAM</a>

special machines GECAM

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/Boeck_Katalog_ENGLISH_2020.pdf" target="_blank">BOECK Werkzeuglösungen</a>

BOECK Werkzeuglösungen

Category: Sub Category:

Produce customized tool solutions in the field of sheet metal deburring for your process steps from slag removal, pre-grinding, deburring, rounding, oxide removal to finish grinding.


<a href="uploads/media/Sahinler_2018_LFSS_Isitan_Katalog_HP.pdf" target="_blank">Sahinler</a>


Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/HESSE_HS-HSX_Tafelscheren_01.pdf" target="_blank">RABBA short cutting shears</a>

RABBA short cutting shears

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/HR-B_EN_2020_Prospekt.pdf" target="_blank">HESSE by DURMA sheet rolling machine</a>

HESSE by DURMA sheet rolling machine

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/HESSE_Schwenkbiegemaschinen_04.pdf" target="_blank">HESSE by FINTEK folding machines</a>

HESSE by FINTEK folding machines

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/Hesse_by_Durma_PBH_PBM_English.pdf" target="_blank">HESSE by DURMA Profilbiegemaschinen</a>

HESSE by DURMA Profilbiegemaschinen

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/Mate_Exzenterpressen_Englisch.pdf" target="_blank">MA.TE eccentric press</a>

MA.TE eccentric press

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/Dirinler_Katalog_Englisch_07.2019.pdf" target="_blank">Dirinler eccentric presses</a>

Dirinler eccentric presses

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/fresan-catalogue-2020_01.pdf" target="_blank">Fresan eccentric presses</a>

Fresan eccentric presses

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/Ercolina_Gesamtkatalog_Deutsch_01.pdf" target="_blank">ERCOLINA tube bending machines</a>

ERCOLINA tube bending machines

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/Coiltech_Haspeln_01.pdf" target="_blank">COILTECH decoilers</a>

COILTECH decoilers

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/Coiltech_Richt_und_Vorschubapparate_light_01.pdf" target="_blank">COILTECH straighteners and feeders &quot;light series&quot;</a>
<a href="uploads/media/Coiltech_Kompakt_Richt_und_Vorschubapparate_light_und_medium_01.pdf" target="_blank">COILTECH compact straighteners and feeders &quot;light and medium series&quot;</a>
<a href="uploads/media/Coiltech_Kompakt_Richt_und_Vorschubapparate_heavy_01.pdf" target="_blank">COILTECH straighteners and feeders &quot;heavy series&quot;</a>
<a href="uploads/media/CHEVALIER_FSG_SP_01.pdf" target="_blank">surface grinding machines CHEVALIER SP/FSG</a>
<a href="uploads/media/ALMI_Katalog.pdf" target="_blank">ALMI Pipe grinders</a>

ALMI Pipe grinders

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/ALMI_Schleifrollen_2021.pdf" target="_blank">ALMI grinding rolls price list</a>

ALMI grinding rolls price list

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/CHEVALIER_FM_01.pdf" target="_blank">Multipurpose milling machines CHEVALIER FM</a>
<a href="uploads/media/Bekamak_2019.pdf" target="_blank">HESSE by BEKA-MAK band sawing machines</a>

HESSE by BEKA-MAK band sawing machines

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/BIANCO_catalog_2020.pdf" target="_blank">BIANCO band sawing machines</a>

BIANCO band sawing machines

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/Imet_Produktkatalog_2018_01.pdf" target="_blank">IMET Circular- and band saws</a>

IMET Circular- and band saws

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/HESSE_by_TITIZ_CO_ALC_450.pdf" target="_blank">HESSE by TITIZ CO ALC 450 double mitre circular saw for aluminium</a>
<a href="uploads/media/HESSE_by_TITIZ_AC_400.pdf" target="_blank">HESSE by TITIZ AC 400 circular saw for aluminium</a>
<a href="uploads/media/Geka_Ironworkers.pdf" target="_blank">GEKA steelworkers</a>

GEKA steelworkers

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/Geka_CNC_Solutions.pdf" target="_blank">GEKA CNC solutions</a>

GEKA CNC solutions

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/Geka_Puma_01.pdf" target="_blank">GEKA punching machines</a>

GEKA punching machines

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/GEKA_Werkzeugkatalog_2019_01.pdf" target="_blank">punching tools</a>

punching tools

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/PROMOTECH_PRO_60HP_110HP_eng.pdf" target="_blank">PROMOTECH portable punchers</a>

PROMOTECH portable punchers

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/Promotech_ABM_50_Bevelling_machine.pdf" target="_blank">PROMOTECH ABM-50 Bevelling machine</a>

PROMOTECH ABM-50 Bevelling machine

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/Promotech_ABM_28_Bevelling_machine.pdf" target="_blank">PROMOTECH ABM-28 Bevelling machine</a>

PROMOTECH ABM-28 Bevelling machine

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/Promotech_ABM_14_Bevelling_machine.pdf" target="_blank">PROMOTECH ABM-14 Bevelling machine</a>

PROMOTECH ABM-14 Bevelling machine

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/Promotech_BM_21S_Stainless_steel_beveller.pdf" target="_blank">PROMOTECH BM-21S Stainless steel beveller</a>
<a href="uploads/media/Promotech_BM_21_Bevelling_machine.pdf" target="_blank">PROMOTECH BM-21 Bevelling machine</a>

PROMOTECH BM-21 Bevelling machine

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/Promotech_BM20_Plus_Bevelling_machine.pdf" target="_blank">PROMOTECH BM-20 plus Bevelling machine</a>

PROMOTECH BM-20 plus Bevelling machine

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/Promotech_SBM_500_Stationary_Bevelling_Machine.pdf" target="_blank">PROMOTECH SBM-500 Stationary bevelling machine</a>
<a href="uploads/media/Promotech_BM16_Bevelling_machine.pdf" target="_blank">PROMOTECH BM 16 Bevelling machine</a>

PROMOTECH BM 16 Bevelling machine

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/Tos_F2V_R.pdf" target="_blank">Universal milling machine TOS Olomouc F2V-R</a>
<a href="uploads/media/Tos_FGV_32.pdf" target="_blank">Universal milling machine TOS Olomouc FGV 32</a>
<a href="uploads/media/Tos_FGU_32.pdf" target="_blank">Universal milling machine TOS Olomouc FGU 32</a>
<a href="uploads/media/TOS_FNGJ_40_A.pdf" target="_blank">tool milling machine TOS Olomouc FNGJ 40 A</a>
<a href="uploads/media/TOS_FNGJ_50_A.pdf" target="_blank">Tool milling machine TOS Olomouc FNGJ 50 A</a>
<a href="uploads/media/Millstar_millingmachines.pdf" target="_blank">MILLSTAR milling machines</a>

MILLSTAR milling machines

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/ZMM-Gesamtkatalog.pdf" target="_blank">ZMM lathes</a>

ZMM lathes

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/Sicmi_Pressen.pdf" target="_blank">SICMI presses</a>

SICMI presses

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/Katalog_Repar2.pdf" target="_blank">Repar2 safety guards for machine tools</a>

Repar2 safety guards for machine tools

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/Pricelist__2018_04.pdf" target="_blank">Repar2 safety guards for machine tools price list</a>
<a href="uploads/media/Roehm_drill_chucks_english.pdf" target="_blank">Röhm drill chucks</a>

Röhm drill chucks

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/Roehm_lathe_chucks_English.pdf" target="_blank">Röhm lathe chucks</a>

Röhm lathe chucks

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/Roehm_vices.pdf" target="_blank">Röhm vices</a>

Röhm vices

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/Roehm_live_centres_English.pdf" target="_blank">Röhm live centres</a>

Röhm live centres

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/cat_dro_innova.pdf" target="_blank">Fagor readouts</a>

Fagor readouts

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/cat_encoder.pdf" target="_blank">FAGOR encoders</a>

FAGOR encoders

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/Radial_Drill_Tailift_03.pdf" target="_blank">TAILIFT radial drilling machine</a>

TAILIFT radial drilling machine

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/2015_ERLO_02.pdf" target="_blank">ERLO column drilling machines</a>

ERLO column drilling machines

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/Biegemaster_Produktkatalog_2019.pdf" target="_blank">BIEGEMASTER long folding machines</a>

BIEGEMASTER long folding machines

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/Hesse_Schweisstische.pdf" target="_blank">welding- and assembly tables</a>

welding- and assembly tables

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/MultiMATRIX.pdf" target="_blank">punching tools Matrix Multimatrix</a>

punching tools Matrix Multimatrix

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/MATRIX_Thick_Turret.pdf" target="_blank">punching tools Matrix Thick Turret</a>

punching tools Matrix Thick Turret

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/MATRIX_JetForm.pdf" target="_blank">punching tools Matrix Thick Turret Jetform</a>
<a href="uploads/media/MATRIX_Trumpf.pdf" target="_blank">punching tools MATRIX Trumpf</a>

punching tools MATRIX Trumpf

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/EN_Euromac.pdf" target="_blank">punching tools Matrix Euromac</a>

punching tools Matrix Euromac

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/Rollenbahnen_2016_01.pdf" target="_blank">HESSE roller tables</a>

HESSE roller tables

Category: roller tables / roller stands Sub Category: roller table

<a href="uploads/media/Simasv_Horizontalbiegemaschinen_01.pdf" target="_blank">SIMASV horizontal bending presses</a>

SIMASV horizontal bending presses

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/Simasv_Biegebeispiele_01.pdf" target="_blank">SIMASV bending samples</a>

SIMASV bending samples

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/SIMASV_Ausklinkmaschinen_01.pdf" target="_blank">SIMASV notching machines</a>

SIMASV notching machines

Category: Sub Category:

<a href="uploads/media/Isitan_Katalog_2021_HP_LR.pdf" target="_blank">HESSE by ISITAN product catalog</a>

HESSE by ISITAN product catalog

Category: Sub Category:


Prices ex location, excl. 20 % VAT (VAT only when sold inside Austria).
Terms of delivery according to the "general terms of delivery" of the Austrian machinery- and steelworking industry. We only sell under proprietary rights. Until full payment the consignment stays in our unrestricted property.
* Monthly net leasing rate by quarter payment, 60 months leasing period, no down payment, 5 % residuale value, subject to positive credit check.
Lease terms according to "GRENKELEASING GmbH".

Price changes and errors excepted.


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