From locksmith's shop to mechanical engineering
The history of the Rabba company from Germany began over 100 years ago as a locksmith's shop and forge. Today, the company has customers all over Europe and processes sheet metal for further use in trade, industry and commerce. Since its foundation in 1901, Rabba has been committed to continuous development. In 1951, after the company had expanded to become an art and building fitter's shop, state-of-the-art technology was acquired for the time: profile cutting machines and eccentric presses, which made the work easier.

When the first foreign order was successfully completed - Rabba manufactured and assembled advertising signs for the World Expo in Brussels in 1958 - the technical upgrading continued. As early as 1962, Rabba GmbH launched "Frigi" - bakery machines for kneading pasta - its first self-developed product series. Since then, mechanical engineering has been another important pillar in the company.

With the experience gained in sheet metal processing, the company developed precise hydraulic press brakes and guillotine shears to series maturity, which are still in demand today. Currently, about 200 machines of different types from the Bremen factory are in use all over Europe. "Especially our special machines with cutting capacities of more than 50 millimetres of sheet thickness are selling well in steel mills," says Helmut Rabba, who is the fourth generation to run the family business together with Claus Rabba.



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